Our professionalism endow us with the expertise of ocean market, giving the confidence of routes planning and vessel operation. Cargo we carried are from all over the world with the foundation of 80 daily operated vessels that secures the complete services for our clients.






With edges of shipping and financial hub of Hong Kong, we systematize whole supply chain, focusing on overseas expansion with continous elevated operation, namely “port-factory-trade”, "port-industry-park" including trade, industry, ocean shipping and inland transportation. 




Coal, Metcoke and Petcoke

Grain (Soya bean, Wheat, Corn, Canola, Sorghum, Meal, Barley, etc)

Iron ore, Nickel ore, Manganese ore, Chrome, Concentrates, Magnetite

Bauxite, Alumina

Cement, Cement clinker, Aggregate, Sand

Steel products (Slab, Pig iron, Billets, Coils, Scrap, etc)

Limestone, Gypsum, Salt