We closely follow the step of international conventions specification on energy conservation emission reduction, taking environment friendly production as the design goal and adopting various measures to promote the escalation of vessels. The effective control of waste discharge, including carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sewage, refuge, ballast water, noise, toxic substances and etc., helps with the protection of local environment. We work hard to monitor the business and strive to mitigate impacts on environmental impacts and climate change during the daily operation taking adequate measures to reassure sustainability and biodiversity as well.


Energy saving and emission reduction technologies


  1. With the design idea of  integration of propeller, body and main machine. We adopt the linear optimization to effectively reduce the resistance and improve propulsion efficiency;
  2. Regarding the emission of SOx, our vessels are all equipped with LSFO (Low Sulfur Fuel Oil) with its emission rate lower than 0.1%, reassuring its sustainability as well as protecting biodiversity
  3. For ship operation, excellent operational EEDI index (energy efficiency design index) can be achieved by reducing the speed, limiting the maximum power of main engine, or scheduling the formulated SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan);
  4. Our ships are equipped with LED lighting, for energy saving and the special tank for collecting ballast water to ensure zero discharge of impairment;
  5. Our ships are also equipped with a gas-proof sealing system, which matches USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) criteria regarding ELA requirements.


We take people-oriented philosophy as the core, focusing on systematic safety education for our crew with completed courses and stipulating captain to allocate reasonable work volume to each crew as well as taking care of their physical and mental health. We also land all-round training programs to help our new stuff systematically adapt to their position and accountability, acquire shipping literacy and get used to corporate culture.


We plan to bring capital resources to shipping market for reducing risk (risk management) and utilizing cash flow and for invigorating activation of shipping market, strengthening counter-cyclical strategy for sustainable development.





Responsible corporate citizenship plays the main part of the group, and the concern of sustainability has always been the priority. Our commitment of social responsibility is embedded in the participant of stuff’s passion of various charity programs.。


We made donation to the local organizations like The Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and etc., greatly contributing to the philanthropy. During the coronavirus, we promptly donated the masks and other sanitizers to Committee of Red Cross for easing the emergency situation.